Zümrüdüanka is a Turkish drama series written by Pastel Film, the first episode of which was published on January 25, 2020, directed by Cemal Şan and written by Can Sinan.


About the show:


Zümrüt Kuloğlu lives with his father, mother and two sisters in the most bankrupt neighborhood of Nevşehir, and works at the Demirkanların factory, one of the most powerful families of Central Anatolia. Zümrüt, on the one hand, tries to cope with his pressures, on the other hand he tries to hide the marriage proposal of Adil Bey, one of the heirs of Demirkan, from his mother. However, Ülfet will learn this and apply a thousand kinds of games to put his daughter on the wedding table … Zümrüt will resist despite everything. Because there is a secret that burns its heart… Emerald falls in love with Serhat, the granddaughter of Demirkans who died in Syria… And this love turned into ash…

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