Vatanım sensin

Captain Jewett is a brave soldier, the pride of his homeland. He is at the same time a husband passionately in love with his wife, the Balkan beauty Aziza. He is a caring father to his children, a good son to his mother … During the Balkan Wars, he was sent to Thessaloniki to serve his homeland. If you were to ask him if he would rather choose loyalty to his birthright or life, he would easily give an answer. But if his companions asked him if he would put his homeland in front of the family, they would not easily get an answer.

After Jevdet’s departure to the front, a difficult period began for Azize, whose fragile shoulders suddenly found not only her life, but the life of her mother-in-law and three children – Hilal, Yildiz and Ali Kemala. During the war years, Azize will be just a mother who does her best to get her children on the right track, and her life will change from the root when she is told that Jevdet has given her life for her homeland.

A few years later, Jildiz became a beautiful young girl with high goals. Hilal grows into a beauty who sees the meaning of existence in patriotism, while Ali Kemal is completely different from his sisters – he is a young man who wanders aimlessly, living with the love pain and sad truth he has learned about himself in the meantime.

As Azize tries to cope with the problems of his children, the family is shaken by the news that the Greeks will occupy Izmir. This occupation will, quite unexpectedly, bring back to them the person they thought was forever lost, while their native land, like phoenix, rises from the ashes …

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