Sıla is a Turkish television series directed by Gül Oğuz for ATV and ATV Avrupa (Europe) in 2006.[1] On September 15, 2006, ATV started broadcasting Sila. The last episode was broadcast on September 20, 2008.


Sila is a girl given to a wealthy family in Istanbul. Her biological parents gave her away because she was sick. Later, her biological father, Celil, and her brother, Azad, which she believed have died, come to take her away claiming that her mother was very sick and needed to see her before she died. However, she was brought up with deception to marry Boran, the boss of Mardin tribe, to repay a debt of her brother Azad for escaping with Narin, the sister of the tribe leader Boran. (In the Mardin tribe the religion says if someone tries to steal a girl or flees with a girl, they either have to kill them both or the boy’s family has to give a girl from their family in return) Sila and her Father (rrrrii) go to Mardin in order to meet Sila’s family but just after a few days, her father has to return for an urgent work. Nevertheless, Sila decides to stay a little bit longer. As she is getting ready with believe that they are celebrating her brother’s Azad weeding and her return together. However, the reality was they were marrying her of to Boran, the boss of Mardin tribe. During her stay on Mardin, Sila suffered pressure for Boran parents, she helps her servant and friend Ayse, and tries to change injustices caused by the tribal customs. Sila escapes with Narin and Azad to Istanbul. Boran is willing to do anything to comply with tradition: to kill his “wife” and his sister and her husband Azad. Because as the tradition written says that Sila has to die if she runs away.

In the end, Sila and Boran are happy and even expecting their twin daughters Sude and Bade. In addition, Boran is again declared as the boss of the Mardin tribe, in the end everyone seems happy.

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