Seni Seviyorum Adamim


Berk Ataman has left his bright years behind as a music producer. Cooling down in his profession, Berk decided to live in a seaside town in Cyprus to erase the effects of the crisis. Since he is not good with his heart works, he is sure after living. He spent 13 years in this way calmly, peacefully and alone. His house and boat are the two most important things in his life, he has no other problem. Until he meets Ezel … Ezeli begins to enlighten Berk’s world buried in darkness with his talented, joyful and excited spirit. However, this bright will bring a new darkness. Because a news about Ezel will take the love of the duo through a big test. 

Gizem Karaca and Barış Kılıç shared the leading roles in the romantic comedy film directed by Biray Dalkıran, which is directed by one of the productive filmmakers of our domestic box office cinema, accompanied by the names of Asuman Dabak, Ayşen Gruda, Serhat Özcan, Orçun Kaptan, Yıldız Kültür.

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