Sefirin kizi

The subject and summary of the Sefirin Girl series is not officially disclosed, but there are some opinions and infertions, although there is not much information about its content. The name of the directory provides some information about its contents. “Sefir” means: “Envoy” or “Ambassador”. It is estimated that the girl and daughter of a diplomat who came to Turkey will be subject to the impossible love of a Turkish teenager. It is also possible to get a number of Sefirin Kızı (Ambassador’s Daughter) to the center. It is obvious that the Sefirin is not one of the ambassador, but the features that make the love of the two teenagers impossible. It is thought that an impossible love story will be presented to the viewer. It is also thought that the series will also address diplomatic issues. It is estimated that both diplomacy and an impossible love will be a long-lasting series.

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