Kuzgun Yusuf Cebeci is a child of police and the subject of the whole series built on his character. He grew up on the streets after he was detached from his family at the age of 8 and learned to survive and lived under another name, Akça. Kuzgun, who wanted to avenge his father’s who was ambushed and imprisoned by his best friend, waited 20 years and grew his revenge up with every single passing day. Kuzgun – The Raven (played by Barış Arduç) will come to Istanbul to avenge his father after so many years and live in love with his enemy’s daughter, Dila Bilgin (played by Burcu Biricik). Dila (played by Burcu Biricik), on the other hand, will remind the Kuzgun of his heart and conscience that he has destroyed in order to survive on the streets, and thereby, all plans of The Kuzgun will be changed.

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