Insanlık suçu

The story begins in Adana a few years back. Jemal, a poor young man, works at a hotel as a waiter to support his mother, Julia, and his ailing father, Asaph. Soon, Asaf is dying to tell his son that he has an uncle in Istanbul and that he is looking for what belongs to him and dying. At his father’s funeral, Uncle Sami comes with his family to accompany his brother, who has been at odds with him for 25 years.

He offers Jemal to go with him to Istanbul to give him everything that belongs to him, but he refuses because he finds his uncle guilty of his father dying in misery even though he had a rich family. However, the main reason for the intolerance between the brothers is that they were in love with the same woman, Julia, with whom Asaf escaped and after which his parents renounced him.

During an argument with her best friend, Selim at the wheel, a drunk man collides and a man in another car dies. Selim decides to blame himself and persuades Jemal to flee to Istanbul to live the life he deserves.

Jemal convinces her mother that she has to run away and promises to get both her and her sister out of misery as soon as he takes what belongs to him and goes to Istanbul with his uncle. At a ceremony marking the 30th anniversary of the company where Sami introduced Jemal as a family member, police come to take Jemal away and suspect him of murder.

Things will get even more complicated when Jemal falls in love with Sun, the fiancee of Sami’s son Gokhan, and neither will she remain indifferent …

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