Hayat Şarkıs

Bajram Jevher, owner of a large number of mines, returns to his hometown after eight years to make peace with longtime friend Salih. They agree to take the children, Bairam’s son Kerim and Salih’s daughter Melek, when they are adults.

Years later, Kerim completes a master’s degree in ecology and is offered to work in Germany at university as an assistant. However, he fails to persuade his father to stay in Germany, and returns to Istanbul to fulfill his father’s promise made years earlier, and soon leaves for his father’s birthplace to seek Melek.

Meanwhile, Melek’s younger sister Julia has a plan for how to keep Kerim from marrying her sister since she envisioned marrying him as a kid. With his arrival, a drunken Kaja storms Melek’s room, a local bummer trying to attack her. Seeing that Kaja entered the room, Julia alarms all the householders, and everyone concludes that Melek’s honor is hurt. Julia’s plan succeeds, however, with Salih’s father dying.

The verdict breaks down, however, in order to honor the deal, Julia marries Kerim. Shortly after the wedding, Kerim leaves Julia and goes to Berlin to move on with his life, since the wedding was only a formality for him to soften his father. However, Julia soon goes to Berlin, where she learns that Kerim is expecting a child with another woman, a guest worker, Filiz, and turns his life upside down…

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