Güllerin Savaşı


Gülru was born in one of the slums of Istanbul and then grew up in a high class neighborhood in a mansion where her father works as a gardener. From the age of 6, Gülru lives the dream of being like Gülfem. In order to live in a great mansion, Gülru learns to balance the differences of a lifestyle in which she was born and the other lifestyle that she finally lives.

From a very early age, Gülru and Mert had a sweet childhood love. Years later, when Gülfem returns home, Gülru remembers her childhood dream. When Gülru and Gülfem meet Omer, tension begins to accumulate in the mansion and in the neighborhood, confusing Gülru. At the same time that it allows you to feel loved, your dreams and reality fade away. With Gülfem at the climax of her life and Gülru living her dreams, this story will continue as a war of passions, affecting the lives of everyone else.[3]

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