Gecenin kraliçesi

This is the story of Celine and Cartal, who happened to meet during his vacation in the south of France. The same night, they let go of their passions without thinking about what might happen the next day. After a night full of emotions, Kartal packs his suitcases and returns to Istanbul, where he is waiting for his possessive wife, Esra. After telling her that she plans to divorce her because he doesn’t love her, she intentionally causes a car accident, wanting to bind him to herself. At the same time, old Aziz, who raised Kartala as a son, although he killed his father years earlier, tells Kartal to forget about an adventure from France and to remain married to Esr.

Meanwhile, Selin finds out she is pregnant and comes to Istanbul to announce the good news to Kartal. However, when they do, he does not allow her to speak – she boldly tells her that she is in a happy marriage and that it does not occur to her to give up her family well-being and wealth for her sake. Broken and disappointed, Celine returns to the land of perfume, where she is born.

Four years later, she receives a letter from her half-brother, whose existence she did not know about. She goes to see him with her son, while her mother stays in France. It turns out her half-brother works for rich Aziz. When Aziz and Celine meet, he falls in love with her at first glance – butterflies in his stomach occur to him for the first time after 23 years, when his wife died. Aziz sees no problem with Celine having a child, moreover, managing to get closer with the toddler. She decides to let go of her feelings and becomes involved with Celine, whom she plans to introduce to her family. When Celine comes to Istanbul to meet her future family, she is in for a shock – if she married Aziz, she would become a stepmother to the man she fell in love with for one night, who hurt her more than anyone, but gave her the most valuable thing he has – a beloved son …

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