Erkenci Kuş

The story revolves around Sanem Aydın, a young woman from a humble neighborhood in Istanbul who dreams of being a writer and living in the Galapagos. When her family makes her believe that she will be delivered in marriage to her neighbor Muzaffer if she does not find stable employment, she starts working in an important advertising agency called Fikri Harika thanks to her sister Leyla, who is the secretary of Emre Divit, the owner’s son .

On the other hand, Can Divit, Emre’s older brother, is a free-spirited and world-famous photographer who returns for the company’s anniversary party. There, his father reveals that he has a serious illness and instructs him to run the company and find the mole that is helping his competitor Aylin. Can has no choice but to accept, awakening the envy of Emre, the true mole, as well as Aylin’s lover and secret partner.

During the anniversary party, Sanem accidentally enters Can’s box, who kisses her passionately in the dark by confusing her with his girlfriend Pollen. After leaving, Sanem realizes that he has fallen madly in love with that stranger and, putting the code name of Albatross, decides to discover his identity. Meanwhile, Emre makes him believe that Can is a selfish man who wants to increase the value of the company in order to sell it, so that Sanem can help him sabotage the company.

In this way, Sanem is trapped enters the deceptions but, above all, between the love of two men: Albatross, whom he loves without knowing him; and Can, whom he hates, without accepting that he has begun to feel things for him. Although he does not suspect that it is the same person, Can, who soon falls in love with her and discovers that she is the woman he kissed, decides to leave her when, because of Emre’s lies, she ends up believing that Sanem is engaged With another man Tangles and comedy will mark this inevitable love story.

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