Karakay Fikret is a wealthy, extremely influential and powerful man who, despite being heavily polluted in his third age, wants to marry a young girl. That’s why he cast his eyes on the young and joggy Zuhre Filiz, who has been working with her mother as a day laborer in the field since she was 10 years old. Her father agrees that he is an old power man, but it does not occur to her to become the wife of a man several decades older than her. So the night before her wedding, she decided to run away, ready to even die for freedom if needed.

In the meantime, she met the good-natured and upright stonemason Sejit Zahir, who, aware of the almost hopeless situation in which she found herself, offered her support. Although it seemed at first that the two would only be friends, a love was born between them – Sejit is ready to give up his family, home and the ground on which he took his first steps because of Zuhra.

As Zuhre manages to escape from her unmarried husband, her and Seyit’s paths intersect with Zekar Karakay, Fikret’s son. He lives in Istanbul, where he runs a nightclub with his son Ali. Despite having wife Sirma at home, Zekar falls in love with Zuhre at first glance and does not want to give up on her. He does not know that he is exactly the girl his father wanted for his wife and he is ready to do anything to make her his own, even to turn the life of Sait and his family into hell. The goal, in his view, justifies the means.

As the ruthless Zekar breathes their necks, Sejit and Zuhre will strive to fight for their happiness, and pure and unrequited love will be their brightest guiding star …

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